Thursday, August 07, 2003

The Anarcho-Capitalist Alternative 

Support the new Mises Institute project: A book about the alternative to the Warfare State. From Lew Rockwell's memorandum:

"We want to publish a book that is a first in the entire history of ideas. In the last 500 years, since the discovery of economics as a science, our forebears have made great strides in applying market logic to almost every area of human endeavor."

"Now we want to address the one area that has been exempt: foreign policy and national defense. Indeed, the title of the book is The Myth of National Defense. The editor is Hans-Hermann Hoppe, the economist who caused an international uproar with his last book on democracy (demonstrating that it is not all it is cracked up to be)."

"The Myth of National Defense may be the only fundamental challenge big government receives in this area in our lifetimes. Or it may spark an intellectual revolution. Won’t you help us publish it?"

"Editing, printing, binding, and distributing (especially to the students who are interested) will cost us $30,000. Please consider making a generous tax-deductible contribution to this work. And those who can give $500 or more will be listed, with their approval, in the book as among the benefactors who made it possible."

Tax Resistance 

The Whiskey Rebellion broke out in Pennsylvania on this very day, August 7, 1794. Read Murray Rothbard's The Whiskey Rebellion: A Model for Our Time:

"The entire American back-country was gripped by a non-violent, civil disobedient refusal to pay the hated tax on whiskey. No local juries could be found to convict tax delinquents. The Whiskey Rebellion was actually widespread and successful, for it eventually forced the federal government to repeal the excise tax."

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