Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Web Gem: Library of Economics and Liberty 

I suspect you have seen some of the books published by Liberty Fund. But have you visited the online library? Well, you ought to. It is really quite impressive. If you are a libertarian or a classical liberal, you will find works by some of your favorite authours, plus many great books and essays you never knew existed.

If you have not read Gustave de Molinari -- the father of anarcho-capitalism -- recently, maybe The Society of To-morrow would be a good starting point. His reflections on the state, war and peace are well worth reading these bellicose days. As Hodgson Pratt notes in the introduction, Molinari’s ”demonstration of the certain ruin impending over the most civilised states, in consequence of vast and growing military expenditure and the policy of annexation, is convincing, and deserves universal attention.”

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