Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Molinari Update 

The market anarchist Molinari Institute now has its own Yahoo discussion group. To join, send an email to molinari-institute-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Juan de Mariana in English 

I recently discovered that A Treatise on the Alteration of Money by Juan de Mariana, S.J., is now available online. Mariana's position was that the "king, having no right to tax his subjects without their consent, had no right to lower the weight or quality of the coinage without their acquiescence."

Juan de Mariana was one of the great heroes in Rothbard's treatment of the history of economics before Adam Smith. Mariana's argument that power derives from the people provided justification for tyrannicide. And this was long before the days of John Locke and Algernon Sidney. Mariana was read by the Founding Fathers --Thomas Jefferson recommended Mariana's History of Spain to James Madison.

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